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May 1999 - Ultima Networks Monthly Newsletter

New Online Discussions!

In April Ultima Networks announced a partnership with RemarQ to provide our customers with free access to over 30,000 online discussions. To see what's available, log on to our home page and click on "Online Discussions". From cooking to bowling to sports trivia, you'll find almost everything under the sun in this new service.

New Online Training Courses!

Ultima Networks is now offering Online Training Courses in a partnership with DPEC. There are over 270 Internet based courses available at a low yearly cost. Please check the Services section on our web site for more information.

Free Web Based Email now with every account

As you all know, we recently upgraded to a new mail server. This means that every email account now has *free* Web based email. Whether you are travelling across the country or around the world, you can check your email (via a web browser) from anywhere with Internet access. Just go to and log in.

TLC Dentistry launches new website

TLC Dentistry, a Salinas based family Dentistry firm, launched a new web site in April. Ultima Networks worked with TLC Dentistry to craft a web site that would fit a small firms needs, in a large Internet world. Check their web site for some frequently asked dental questions, or to make your next appointment right on the Web.

Brookdale Lodge launches new website

Brookdale Lodge, in Felton, launched a new web site last month. The Brookdale Lodge staff worked with our Creative Director, Terry Estioko, to create a vibrant yet down to earth web site for the Lodge. The web site conveys the picturesque location and scenic views of the Brookdale Lodge.

Continuing Upgrades

Ultima Networks is proud to announce that we have nearly completed migrating all of our business customer web sites to a new web server. The new web server is dedicated to serving business web sites and is a great improvement over the solution used in the past.

During the months of May and June we are going to be implementing a new customer database and billing system. You may be receiving calls from Ultima Networks staff to make sure that your information is up to date. We plan to use this system for invoicing starting in June, so please let us know if you find any discrepancies when we launch this new billing system.

Scott Nelson

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