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July 1999 - Ultima Networks Monthly Newsletter

Get connected with Six Degrees -

Unlike any other community on the Web, sixdegrees is your home for building real-life relationships with the people you're interested in, starting with the people you know. Based on the theory of six degrees of separation, you form your personal community by adding the people you know to your list of sixdegrees contacts. Each person you list then adds the people they know, building connected communities. You can then use special sixdegrees tools to stay involved with existing friends and contacts and build new relationships with members you'd like to get to know.

Using the "my bulletin board" tool you can post messages to your friends, your friends' friends and your friends' friends' friends; chat live with members from around the world; build and participate in special-interest groups; interview fascinating celebrities; reunite with long-lost friends; send instant degreemail to any sixdegrees member; find out who's logged on and learn more about them through their person zoom screen; and, best of all, make new friends, network, connect and have a great time while you're doing it.

For more information go to

Ultima Networks Web Site Announcements

Healthy Learning Videos

Ultima Networks partnered with Healthy Learning Videos to launch it's first ecommerce site. This site contains a catalog of videos, produced by Sand City based Healthy Learning Videos. Ultima Networks will be adding secure ordering to the site in the next week to make a complete online solution for Healthy Learning Videos. You can visit the site at

Home Base Office Systems

Home B.O.S. came to Ultima Networks when they needed a small but powerful presence built for their online office space. Home B.O.S. offers inexpensive local and long distance rates on their web site. Check out for more information.

Ultima Networks - Network Status and Updates

Our Main Offices Have Moved

We have moved our main offices to 905 Padre Drive in Salinas. We are directly behind the Quadrangle Office Complex, one block off of Main Street. All of our phone numbers and other contact information remain the same.

News Server Problems

In the past couple of weeks we have had a problem with our USENet news service. We were running out of available ports for news connections. We are implementing a new setup that will require authentication for each user but will solve a problem which allowed outside use of our available news server ports.

Expanded Coverage

We now have dial up numbers in over 500 locations. If you are planning on being out of the area and would like to use service while traveling please call our office to make sure that your account is setup to access numbers outside of Salinas.

Salinas Users Remote Dial Up Access

Currently Salinas users need to call our office to get setup for dialing in from our remote locations. Within one month we expect to have a solution in place that allows all of our users to dial into any number where we have service, without any special activations. Please stay tuned for an announcement regarding that.

Information Bytes

15 June 1999: E-Mail Hoax
In a recent e-mail hoax, the author claimed the US Postal Service was going to charge people for using e-mail to make up for lost revenue. The legislator and law firm mentioned in the message are non-existent.,4,37852,00.html

But the US Postal Service web site at is real, and contains a lot of great information. If you are ever looking for the zip code anywhere, just type in an address and it will find it for you.

Scott Nelson

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