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June 1999 - Ultima Networks Monthly Newsletter

Going away on vacation?

With Ultima Networks new web based email you can setup an automatic Vacation Responder. To find out more about the preferences you can set with your new web based email point your web browser to and log in with your username and password. Web based email allows you to check your mail from anywhere you can access the Internet, and it's free with each Ultima Networks account!

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Ultima Networks Web Site Announcements

Ultima Networks is proud to announce the revision of one of our older sites, the City of Salinas web site. While this is not an official City of Salinas site, it is the most comprehensive and informative site about Salinas on the web. Ultima worked with Hartnell student, Lola Smith, to create new content and redesign the layout and graphics in the web site. See to view the site.

Next week Ultima Networks will be launching the web site for the Central Coast Northern Dog Rescue program, a local non-profit group. Our Creative Director, Terry Estioko, worked with Gary Wynn of CCNDR to create a strong online presence for the group. See after June 7th.

Ultima Networks will also be unveiling the new Internet site for Schaefer International next week. Schaefer International is the leading German-American Business Development firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 1994, Schaefer International specializes in joint ventures of international high-tech firms. It's multilingual team helps to eliminate cultural and language barriers in the negotiations with European companies. The know-how of their network of professionals, including lawyers, accountants and tax consultants, will assure that your firm has easy access to international markets. See after June 7th.

Information Bytes

Apple released Mac OS 8.6 during the month of May.

Microsoft is set to release Office 2000 on June 7.

Netscape announced the release of Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.6 during the month of May.

Scott Nelson

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