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August 1999 - Ultima Networks Monthly Newsletter

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Through eCircles, you create or participate in any number of "circles" with family members, friends, or people in your club, team, or organization. These private circles offer features like Discussion Boards, Photo Albums, a shared Group Calendar, File Storage, Gift Registries, and Recommendation Lists to help your groups to communicate better. Best of all, these features are designed to be easy to use so that everyone in the circle can participate right away. Click here to learn more about the functions available in eCircles.

Ultima Networks Announcements

Now Offering DSL

Ultima Networks is pleased to announce that we are rolling out DSL services in Salinas, Monterey and Carmel. DSL, Digital Subscriber Line, is an exciting new technology which brings high speed Internet access within a reasonable price range for businesses and home users. Ultima Networks is working with Pacific Bell to offer DSL in all of the local areas where it is available. View our competitive pricing on this exciting high speed service at

To qualify for DSL service you must live within 3 miles of the nearest Pacific Bell Central Office. While service areas for DSL are limited at this time we will keep you up to date on further deployments areas. Please see our web site for more information about DSL and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Friend to Friend Referral Program

Last month you should have received a special promotional post card in your monthly invoice. We are extending our popular 'Friend to Friend Referral Program' to include waiving the activation fee for the new customer! If you are interested in getting more post cards or would just like to help a friend sign up over the phone, please give us a call at 888.306.4007. Please see our web site for details on all of our promotions.

Web Site Updates

We have updated the Ultima Networks web site to include past newsletters, a system status page, and have also updated our Web Development page with new web development packages. Please check out the site at and let us know what you think!

Information Bytes

New Apple Notebook

Apple Computer announced it's new laptop, the iBook. You can see information about it here,

Upgrade to Y2K Compliancy

If you're running Windows 95 or Windows 98, your OS is not Y2K ready. You can get a copy of the upgrade fix on CD by calling one of the following numbers:

For Windows 95 users: 1-888-673-8925

For Windows 98 users: 1-888-219-1302

When you connect, press 4 to get a live operator, or just stay on the line. Tell them you want the "Windows 98 (or 95) year 2000 update" on cd-rom. They'll ask for your physical address (not email) and will send you the upgrade CD free of charge. They say it takes 4 weeks to get, so you'll want to request it soon.

Scott Nelson

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