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Ultima Networks has teamed up with DPEC to bring its customers computer-based training on the web! Both home and commercial subscribers can benefit from the courses.

Home subscribers and their entire family (ages 14 and up) can enjoy the benefits of high-quality training in an interactive environment. Maybe dad would like to learn about Windows 98, or mom would like to learn about managing employees, or everyone in the family would like to learn more about using an Internet browser. Now they can. Easily and conveniently! At a very reasonable cost!

Employers using Ultima Networks for Internet service can finally provide all their employees with access to highly cost-effective training. No longer do they have to pay the high cost of sending employees to off-site classes. No longer do employees need to spend days out of the office learning a new desktop technology. Now employees can learn at their desktop (if they have Internet access) or at a PC set up with Internet access somewhere in the office or at home! It's easy, convenient, and very affordable!

Sounds interesting... Please tell me more!

Go to the DPEC training site!


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